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Sun, Sep. 4th, 2005, 09:26 pm
bunwahstar: videos n pics n launch partay!

hey barbarellas

we've been busy here @ hoopaholic hq. the videos are finally UP! yay! i have to say they look sensational. thanku to everyone who made these possible xx we've also been playing around with image layout witch i think has really added some oomph to our visual dialogue - thanx joncatau for your feedback on visual vs written content.

so. speaking of witch, a few things - jon are u up and running with your login or are you still experiencing problems? i will post this to our llivejournal page and email this to you as well to catch your loop.

ive also funked with our gallery and taken it to flickr until our stylised flash gallery is ready to go. have addressed this in my invite to hoopaholics anonymous ... am seeing benja tonight to discuss flash applications and am seeing it already!

are we interested at all in changing the name of our site to HOOPAHOLICS ANONYMOUS? we can keep the url and nothing really would change... except our banner and angle onnit all - just a thought

launch party - anyone interested? i think its called for... im thinking late octoberish??? hoop performances video launches stills on the wall a PARTAY indeed! lemme kno wotcha think

i have a gazillion other lil thoughts in my head but unfortunately they've all fallen out at this hypertechno part of the day

hope yer diggin the vids

luv luv



Sun, Sep. 4th, 2005, 12:07 pm
bunwahstar: hoopaholic web UPdate

So now that we have our website up and running it seems most of our posts will be going there... there is still the option to integrate both this space and hoopaholic.org > is on the list of things to do. in the meantime... hoop on! and stay tuned for the launch of hoopaholic videos witch are on their way UP as we speak :)

Thu, Aug. 18th, 2005, 06:49 pm
bunwahstar: joncatau and bunwahstar hoop shoot last night

so i was just checking out the footage and wanted to jot down a few ideas and feedback while its in my head
luv the freestyle roaming around the apartment! *
an excellent exercise in seeing wot we can get out of the cave in terms of available space and lighting
the lighting seemed to work best with the shots from above however i think we need to get the lights higher
im thinking this is doable from the study... also wanna try out a lil disco light i have
ladonnarama do u have disco lights?
am looking fwd to the proposed shoot on sunday morning using heavily diffused light of the window as backdrop
im seeing lush silhouettes
jon i think we should also do a lil trip into joe's apartment soon too with the billowing curtains
lets not forget an offered rooftop up on ben buckler - danni's
am becoming more acquainted with the new spaceship camera... slowly but surely
music session booked in with david smith for sunday @ 4pm
ladonnarama has suggested some vocals witch she is currently in training for!
hope to source some nice tunes for the next movie... feel free to join us
im thinking its gonna be best if jon and i meet here at the cave around 10 on sunday and make our way down to bondi early afternoon
not sure if anyone wants to join us in the morning? or if better just the two then more in bondi in the afternoon
i think mebbe that for this week
as eva
open to anything

Wed, Aug. 17th, 2005, 05:41 pm
bunwahstar: image galleries + thumbnails + font + about?

* format image galleries to carry more images per page - 9 instead of 6
* bigger thumbnails
* im so over the thumbnail of barbarellas positioned where it is but think its important to stay "sticky at the top" (i.e fixed to top of page)... need to imbed that somehow in introductory text
* font definitely needs to be bigger - esp in posting zones... seems to be smaller there than in submitted content
* feeling like the intro para and the "greetings and salutations" are both important rants to have at top but a lil the same - an "about" page??? possibly mebbe

Wed, Aug. 17th, 2005, 05:21 pm
bunwahstar: more web thoughts

What we need to check/complete:

Video module
Flash gallery - benja
User profile pages + check user icons are working (have uploaded mine but don’t see it anywhere!)
Email: eg. barbarella@hoopaholic.org
Date stamps

Nick i was also having a problem copying entries to post elsewhere (such as LJ)... the scroll option would only let me highlight all of the text incl side menus not just my entry... do we perhaps need to wrap the text or box it?

Aspects we will mostly use:
Create content
My account
Categories: add terms (add lots to fill with content > eg. e-commerce; image gallery)
User icons: 85x85px 30kb (user > edit)

Any issues we have with the site or anything (!) document in the forums and feel free to create many topics!!

I will also speak with everyone about "promoting to front page" and "sticky to the top" options in create content that will be of use… hopefully nick can tear himself away from his pasta rouge and scooter exploits to hook in with us soon! But scorpion no rush!! Just documenting this all while I think of it… x

Wed, Aug. 17th, 2005, 12:45 am
bunwahstar: web development and more

hey guys

well im excited about the web site! it feels like we are almost ready to all dive in there. at the moment we need a few things jiggled and juggled then we should be ready to go for it. its like 12.37am and without the scorpion here to demand i go to bed im batching it out but will endeavour to make this short and quick in attempt to give some feedback.

* user names and passwords are urgently needed to start the rest of the barbarellas rolling
* would like the barbarellas pic to be inline with top introductory text so there isnt so much of a gap - is this possible?
* have uploaded a few possible banner images and have created banner gallery
* i think the text needs to be slightly larger to avoid the problem tim and i were having on explorer... twould be good to just recommend no one use explorer but the migration away is slow and exclusion is a clear anti-barbarella policy
*thumbnails of images on the homepage could be slightly bigger too - possible?
* want to keep livejournal going but would like to submit a post to here and there simultaneously
* tim also suggested a feed from another web page but my brain is now too tired to remember - was it livejournal tim?

more thoughts:

* new space witch i have checked out in slurry - looks good waiting to hear back from jeremy
* nori and i started structuring our tricks sequence on saturday so it will eventually work into a smooth semi-choreographed piece which we will all know as a drill... would like to develop this more
* hoopaholic session rescheduled for sunday this week in bondi
* joncatau will hopefully be available to shoot some mini DV this weekend!

Tue, Aug. 16th, 2005, 10:10 am
mikofanclub: The Website

Hi everyone :)
http://www.hoopaholic.org is up and running(ish)!! I want to say a big thanks to Nick for getting this together and also to Bunny Barbarella for her efforts in making the website happen. Looking forward to seeing the website grow and hoping that it will become a dynamic tribe for all things hoopaholique
luv and kisses to all
Tim x

bephoop Nori hooping it up at the Bondi Pavillion

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